Recipe: Homemade dairy-free evaporated milk

So the other day I wanted to make some fudge – a goodie I can no longer have due to my intolerance to dairy. Unfortunately the recipe called for evaporated milk, something that is difficult to get hold of dairy-free. I researched a bit online and managed to suss out how to make my own.

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A free-from carrot and banana cake

Recently I have been craving carrot cake. While my sister makes a good one, it has a cream cheese icing and is full gluten and dairy. So after a bit of browsing through some recipes, I decide to adjust one and make it edible for gluten and milk intolerant people.

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Happy Saint David’s Day – Welsh cake recipe

After living in Wales for just under 10 years, something was bound to rub off on me. I wasn’t able to pick up the language, I didn’t pick up a Welsh accent (well, not a strong one anyway), and I didn’t start my own sheep farm ( – it’s thought that there is three sheep to every person who lives in Wales).

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