A free-from carrot and banana cake

Recently I have been craving carrot cake. While my sister makes a good one, it has a cream cheese icing and is full gluten and dairy. So after a bit of browsing through some recipes, I decide to adjust one and make it edible for gluten and milk intolerant people.

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Pain-free cherry pie recipe

Pies are one of my favourite mealtime options. But since I became gluten and dairy free, if I want one I will have to make it myself. I don’t mind doing so but gluten-free pastry is not the easiest thing to handle. I thought pies were a luxury of yesterday, until recently. Continue reading “Pain-free cherry pie recipe”

A guide to gluten-free baking

With one in 100 people are avoiding gluten because of celiac disease and hundreds more avoiding it in an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, avoiding gluten has become a major part of life for many people. Then, when so many products these days contain gluten ingredients, living gluten-free can be a very stressful experience.

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