We’re thankful for IVF

James and Claire Hodgson have been through what most couples would dread. When James was told he was infertile, after received cancer treatment at 13, the couple were devastated. They had to weigh up their option; they could either not have children at all, adopt or try IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation.

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The trick to happiness

Are you feeling down and struggling to cheer up? Here are some mood-busters proven to work. . .

Everyone has down days, some more than others. There are many ways to try and improve your mood, different techniques work for different people. Here are 10 ways that have been proved to work. You will more than likely find something that works perfectly for you! Continue reading “The trick to happiness”

A guide to gluten-free baking

With one in 100 people are avoiding gluten because of celiac disease and hundreds more avoiding it in an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, avoiding gluten has become a major part of life for many people. Then, when so many products these days contain gluten ingredients, living gluten-free can be a very stressful experience.

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