Gluten and dairy-free chocolate: In time for Easter

The other day I was searching the web in the hope to find a dairy-free alternative to Cadbury’s Flake. While my search for that was unsuccessful, I found something even better…

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Pain-free cherry pie recipe

Pies are one of my favourite mealtime options. But since I became gluten and dairy free, if I want one I will have to make it myself. I don’t mind doing so but gluten-free pastry is not the easiest thing to handle. I thought pies were a luxury of yesterday, until recently. Continue reading “Pain-free cherry pie recipe”

The trick to happiness

Are you feeling down and struggling to cheer up? Here are some mood-busters proven to work. . .

Everyone has down days, some more than others. There are many ways to try and improve your mood, different techniques work for different people. Here are 10 ways that have been proved to work. You will more than likely find something that works perfectly for you! Continue reading “The trick to happiness”