Hip-hip-hooray, we found a house (subject to references)

After a month of hard searching, full of disappointment, frustration and irritation, it’s a relief to final have found some where nice.

As expected, finding a pet friendly property was a struggle and the temptation to lie about them was strong at times. But we have found a agency that has been helpful with a pet-friendly landlord.

We’re getting the keys for the property, which is situated in Bursledon, on November 5th.

It was slightly above our £600 a month budget. It was marketed at £650, but we managed to get it at £625. And even got £100 off the additional pet deposit. The total agency fees were £300 including referencing fees and holding fees.

The location of the house does add ten minutes onto my already half hour journey to work. So overall both myself and James will need to pick up as much overtime every month as possible. He will do, on average, two Saturday’s a month and I’ll pick up shifts where possible.

But we have a house! And we’re happy. We just need to find a sofa and we are pretty much sorted. 

I have already collected about 5 boxes from work, and will keep an eye out for more over the month. We plan of starting to pack things we don’t need or use often.

Exciting times!

One thought on “Hip-hip-hooray, we found a house (subject to references)

  1. So pleased for you. Burseldon has some great walks and space for pets too. Once you get into a travel routine it is okay, especially if you discover a train station near. If later you find that you feel out on a limb you can look in town again once the students are on holiday in Summer.
    Happy House Warming

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