Housing hunting with pets – the challenge

If you ever want to create yourself a challenge, try to find a one to two bedroom property in and around Southampton for under £600 a month.

I can tell you now, it’s a difficult task to complete. Granted James and I haven’t been looking at properties long, and we have only been to see one property, but it’s not as easy as we had first hoped.

Not only are the prices from properties in Southampton expensive, especially when you compare the costs to similar properties in Pembrokeshire, but the agency fees are also extortionate. Most agencies charge £300 just for a tenancy agreement plus

Gizmo taking a nap
Gizmo taking a nap

then fees for tenant references, a pet licence and other overpriced agency tasks.

So most of you are probably yelling at your screens, ‘why don’t you just go private?!’ And trust me, we want to, but I swear private landlords are hiding. The only properties I have found are on Gumtree and are either over our budget or immediately say ‘NO PETS’. I mean come-on you haven’t even met my Dappy-doos or my little gremlin, Gizmo.

Scrappy wanting some love
Scrappy wanting some love

We went to view a one bedroom flat today. It was ok, but it’s not going in our yes pile, well not yet anyway. The outside looked good, but then we went inside. The bathroom was ok, and the living room was fine. But it was downhill from there. The bedroom was tiny, like I don’t think a full-size double bed would fit in it easily, not with wardrobes anyway. Then the kitchen was a bit on the small side and dated for my liking. And lastly, one of the deal breakers, especially for my other-half, the Windows weren’t double-glazed. That’s fine for now, but come winter I can’t imagine it’s all to comfortable.

Scrappy and Gizmo having a cuddle
Scrappy and Gizmo having a cuddle

For now, our house/flat hunting continues, but if you hear of anything in or around Southampton, from Totton to Woolston, which you think might be suitable, please get in touch.

Happy Saturday,


6 thoughts on “Housing hunting with pets – the challenge

  1. Yes it is very expensive – you could try walking around the Bitterne Park area or Sholing, which is out of the reach of the student area for something cheaper. Its a bad month to look too. I’ve seen a few To Let signs in Lower Portswood/Bevois Town area – have you checked the websites Zoopla and Rightmove?

    1. If looked pretty much everywhere on the web. Really struggling to find somewhere we can afford which will allow pets, and there’s no way I’m giving them up. We found one flat that might allow pets but the estate agent won’t ask the landlord unless we put down a holding fee (£400).

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