The return to writing

Unfortunately, I have fallen out of the habit of writing and publishing things on my blog. Life’s duties distracted me from this site.  However, I am ready and refreshed to begin again.

Our wedding
Our beautiful wedding last August

To start with, here is an update on my life and what has taken place in the last year and a half since my last post.

In June 2014, I finished my university course and a month later receive my overall grade, a rather beautiful 2:1.

Then July was full of working in a cafe and planning the last bits for my wedding which took place in August.

So then August involved getting married, going to Jersey on honeymoon and then permanently moving to Southampton (from Pembrokeshire).

All dressed up on my first day of working at Goodwood Revival 2014
All dressed up on my first day of working at Goodwood Revival 2014

September saw me go through a stage of unemployment – I know, I should have taken advantage and written somethings for this blog.

However, I signed up with a temping agency and got the fantastic opportunity to work at Goodwood Revival. I was placed on the Vauxhall stand where I got to make and give out free candy floss; it was such a great experience, I don’t think I stopped smiling for the whole time!

Then in October I managed to get a temporary position working at a cafe in Hamble, to be honest it wasn’t the best job – especially after the amazing time I spent in Chichester.

At my graduation in November/
At my graduation in November

In November, unfortunately my beautiful cat, Tigger passed away of old age, she was about 14-15 years old.

I also attended my graduation at the Southampton Guildhall. It was great to see all my former course-mates and reassuring to know that we were all struggling in the ‘adult world’. That said, a few of my course-mates had already gained a job within the journalism world which is fantastic.

Christmas then came, as always, in December. It was my first christmas away from my parents, but we did drive back to Pembrokeshire on Boxing day for about a week.

We spent the New Year in Wales then travelled back to Southampton. I spent the rest of January job-hunting – again.

In February I had my birthday and turning 23! On the same day I was offered a job working as a Spa Receptionist. Of course I accepted and have spent the last 7 months working full-time there, with the occasional day or two helping out in the crèche. At the end of February my Fiat Punto failed her MOT so I got a new (used) car a Ford Fiesta that I have named Frankie.

Gizmo - named after the gremlin, acts like one too
Gizmo – named after the gremlin, acts like one too

My husband’s birthday was then in March, along with my Mum’s a few days after.

We went back in Pembrokeshire again in April where we got to meet Gizmo – our kitten, although she was too little to come home with us then. James, (my husband), had signed up to take part in the Tour of Pembrokeshire, but unfortunately his health got the better of him and he had to stop soon after it started.

In May my Dad had his birthday and James got diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. Then at the end of the month we went back, again, to Pembrokeshire to pick up Gizmo.

Then in June, James and I travelled by coach to London so I could renew my passport (I have a Dutch nationality so

mmm... indian
Our first anniversary meal out

have to do it in person). I also had my first experience with a tick! But it’s okay, I was able to remove it, with James’ help and did not get ill from it.

Not much happened in July. We found some beautiful new dog walking spots around Southampton.

In August we celebrated our first year anniversary. We went to Highcliffe the day before, then to my work for a discounted massage.

Wedding selfie
James and I at my friends Wedding.

Then on the actual day we spent the day in Brighton – we weren’t too impressed by it to be honest. But we had an Indian in the evening at a restaurant in Portswood, which was delicious, it was my first one out in about 4 years, since going gluten and dairy free.

One of my cousins got engaged, as well as one of my close friends. Then another friend got married at the end of August. My brother and sister-in-law also moved into their new house.

Now in September, we’re only half way through so there are a lot of things that can still happen. So far the most exciting thing that’s happened is the cat got neutered last week.


So there you go, you’re all caught up on my life thus far. Stay tuned for future posts, I promise I’ll be more regular.




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