Recipe: Homemade dairy-free evaporated milk

So the other day I wanted to make some fudge – a goodie I can no longer have due to my intolerance to dairy. Unfortunately the recipe called for evaporated milk, something that is difficult to get hold of dairy-free. I researched a bit online and managed to suss out how to make my own.


Twice as much dairy-free milk as you need (I used 3 cups of soya milk)


On the hob, bring the pan of ‘milk’ to the boil while stirring. Continue to boil it until it has halved in volume, took me about 30 -40 minutes. Then you’re done. Let it cool, or if you’re making fudge like I did, add the rest of the ingredients and follow your next recipe.




(PS. Sorry there’s no photo for this one, I forgot!)

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