MRM Gluten free – Digestive Enzymes

So, I have been doing some thinking about my IBS and my diet. While I am happy being off gluten and dairy for the sake for feeling ‘well’ I do miss certain gluten and dairy filled goodies, like ‘real’ Pizzas and doughnuts!

I started to think back to a few years ago, back to the first time I had to give by gluten, and then dairy (lactose). I remember avoiding gluten for a while and then being advised by my dietician at the time to give gluten a go again. After successful reintroducing gluten, but not milk, I started thinking about what to do with my dairy intolerance.

That is when I found out about lactase enzymes. After doing a little bit of research into them, I purchased a bottle of Super Lactase Enzyme Capsules from Holland and Barrett. Even though the price was high, and I was a little sceptical as to whether or not they would actually work, I just thought, “what’s the worse that could happen?”

Buying the lactase enzyme was probably one of the best decisions I had made. They helped my body readjust to lactose and removed the horrible symptoms from my lactose intolerance.

In this case, they did what they said they would. They allowed me to ‘enjoy milk based products once again’.

After thinking back, I started to think forward. I remembered reading that digestive enzymes can help IBS.

I researched into ‘gluten enzymes’, while there is no actual enzymes, like lactase for gluten, I found a product that appeared to do the job through several different enzymes and three protein digestive enzymes

MRM Gluten Free, I bought a bottle of capsules from as they appeared to be the cheapest for the UK.

MRM box
MRM Gluten Free digestive enzymes

The dietary supplement contains seven carbohydrate digesting enzymes. I have listed the enzymes below including their jobs.

  • Amylase – increases the rate breakdown of starch into sugars. It can be found in saliva where it starts the chemical digestion process. Foods with lots of starch but little sugar like rice and potato often taste slightly sweet as this enzyme is turning some of the starch into sugar in the mouth. Amylase is also made by the pancreas to hydrolyse two carbohydrates (trisaccharides and disaccharides) into glucose by other enzymes.
  • Beta-glucanase – digests fibre and helps to remedy digestive problems like malabsorption. It also helps in the break down of plant walls (cellulose) and increases the efficiency of binding excess cholesterol and toxins in the intestines for removal.
  • Cellulase – Also helps to breakdown cellulose, and turns it into sugars (glucose), which is then turn into energy. Cellulase is needed to be able to properly digest your greens.
  • Glucoamylase – this enzyme is similar to Amylase and is also known as amyloglucosidase. It’s job is to break off long chains of carbohydrates or starches into sugar that is later turned into energy. It also removes glucose molecules rather than just making them smaller.
  • Hemicellulasethis is another enzyme that helps to break down plant walls.
  • Lactase – helps to break down the sugars in milk – lactose.
  • Xylanase – breaks down xylan (also known as “wood gum”) – a woody, gummy, mucous substance that accompanies the cellulose present in all plants. Wheat, for example, has a high content of xylan.

MRM Gluten Free also contains Protease. This helps to convert proteins into amino acids in the stomach and small intestine.

So overall, they sound like they are made to help breakdown gluten and lactose! I have yet to try them as like anything need I am a bit skeptical. I want to find someone who has tried them and has IBS and used to avoid gluten and/or milk.

What do you think?

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