Gluten and dairy-free chocolate: In time for Easter

The other day I was searching the web in the hope to find a dairy-free alternative to Cadbury’s Flake. While my search for that was unsuccessful, I found something even better…

Cadbury’s creme eggs, contains: dairy

I came across a website which sells what seems to be an alternative to Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – one of my favourite chocolates in the world. Being off dairy has meant I have been unable to have one.

They have made foundant filled chocolate egg halves, they sound as if they’d be a great alternative.

Chocolate egg halves
Chocolate egg halves filled with foundant – creme egg alternative? (£4.96 a packet of four).

Another thing I found was strawberry filled foundant chocolates. I found some similar chocolates in Holland and Barrett a couple of weeks ago but there were only 10 chocolates in the box and they were not cheap! They also said ‘may contain traces of cows milk’ on the packet. While these are in a similar price bracket, they look bigger, and definitely are free-from dairy and gluten.

The describe of their products on the home page says ‘Delicious dairy and gluten-free chocolate and dairy and gluten free, no-added sugar carob hand crafted shapes. All products manufactured in our Nut-Free unit”. This means that many people who’ve in the past been restricted from chocolate by there diet can now indulge, in time for Easter too.

While I am yet to try these chocolates I am excited for them.

They also sell dairy and gluten-free Easter eggs.

You can find them here:

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