Easter is on its way

Following over-indulging on pancakes yesterday, Lent officially began today. Whether you believe in God or not, giving up something for Lent has become a popular thing to do for people of all cultures.

Pancake day
Pancake day is over for another year

The most popular things to give up for Lent include:

      • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Facebook
  • TV
  • Junk food

But if you are free-from gluten and/or dairy then you will know at least three of the most popular sacrifices are out of your limits anyway. (Chocolate contains dairy, sometimes gluten; Alcohol may contain gluten – very occassionally dairy; and most Junk food tends to contain either gluten or dairy).

That just leaves you with, Cigarettes; Facebook and TV.

However, cigarettes are out the question if you don’t smoke (and I don’t think its acceptable to become addicted in-order to quit).

Not everyone has a Facebook account, but for many that do, Facebook can be a challenge to give up. I know many people that try to give it up for a bit just to complete an assignment and still don’t succeed. Personally, I think it

Giving up alcohol for lent
Alcohol is a popular things to give up for Lent

would be very difficult to give up, especially while I’m at university and away from family.

TV is usually a common activity that occurs atleast once a day, especially in a family home. If you have children you will probably find it difficult to stop them watching TV – although in the was summer the challenge could be easier. However, if you live alone, or with only a couple of other people, you could do it easily. Just give the aerial cable to someone you know will keep it away from you.

Alternative you can try and get into the habbit of doing something for 40 days. For example you could make it an aim to read a book a week; or take a photo a day for 40 days.

While in the past I’ve tried (in some cases successfully) to give up something, this year I will give it a miss. Although, the photo a day idea sounds rather appealing.

What are you planning on doing for lent this year? (Comment below)


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