Pain-free cherry pie recipe

Pies are one of my favourite mealtime options. But since I became gluten and dairy free, if I want one I will have to make it myself. I don’t mind doing so but gluten-free pastry is not the easiest thing to handle. I thought pies were a luxury of yesterday, until recently.

Breville Pie Maker
Breville pie maker purchased from John Lewis, £24.95

On Wednesday it was my 21st birthday so I went out with friends for a meal. One of my friends gave me a voucher for John Lewis. To see what I could buy I had a browse on their website and found that they sold Breville Pie Maker.

As anyone who enjoys kitchen gadgets I could not resist buying this one.

Today, I decided to try it out. I went to Asda to see if I could pie any ready-made pie fillings, I found a couple of tins and decided to also have a look at what frozen fruit was available. There I saw that the frozen cherries were on offer at £1.50, bargain!

When I got home I proceeded to make a cherry pie filling. I half followed the instructions on the back of the packet (but as always I adjusted it to suit me).

While the filling cooled I started on the pastry. I used the basic gluten-free pastry recipe

cherry pies
Gluten and dairy free cherry pies

that can be found on any Google search, but again I adjusted it to taste even nicer.

The pie maker made it easy and fast for the pies to be made and cooked. In order to be able to transfer the pastry into the pie make I used baking paper, not only to roll it out, (place the dough in between two sheets of baking paper), but to transfer the pastry shapes too.

With the pie maker you’re given a tool to push the dough into the pie cases but when you do that make sure you put flour on it before pushing the dough with it or else it will stick.

Once the dough is in place a tablespoon and a half of the filling into the case and cover with the top dough circle. Cook in the maker for about 10 minutes or until golden.


Cherry pie filling

50g Caster sugar

100ml Water

350g Cherries

1 tbsp Lemon juice

2-3tsp Cornflour

In a pan dissolve the caster sugar in the water. Then add the cherries and lemon juice. After 3 minute use a tablespoon of the cooking liquid and make a paste with the cornflour in a separate bowl, then add to the pan.  Cook for a further 5-10 minutes or until it thickens, then leave to cool.

Shortcrust pastry

200g Gluten-free plain flour (I used Dove’s farm)

1/2 tsp Xanthum gum

100g Dairy-free spread (I used Vitalite)

1 medium egg, beaten

1 tsp Vanilla essence


In a bowl combine the flour, Xanthum gum and dairy-free spread until it resembles breadcrumbs. With a knife mix in the egg and vanilla essence then add water until it forms a dough. Set aside until ready to use.

Good luck, and remember the baking paper.

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