Kinnitoo’s satisfy Oreo cravings

Are you gluten or dairy-free? Do you miss snacking on scrumptious biscuits like custard creams, bourbons, and Oreos? Then welcome to heaven.

Being on a diet where you have to give up on ingredients like gluten and/or dairy can be annoying, especially if you love your snacks. Since July (2012) I have been on a gluten and dairy free diet, it is my second time on this diet – my stomach just can’t decide what it likes. Even though I don’t mind recreating my favourite gluten and dairy filled foods to cater for my diet, I still get craving for things

Oreos are not gluten or dairy free (Image sources:

like Oreos, white chocolate and spray cream, (although I have not yet craved all three at once). Being based in the UK, the choice is not as large as that in the USA or the rest of Europe. After searching the internet, I have found the gluten and dairy free world’s alternative to all three. For now though, I will tell you about my brilliant biscuit discovery.

Biscuits, while there are many varieties in the ‘free from’ sections in the supermarkets, it can be hard finding ones that are free from both gluten and dairy. If you are lucky the store sells digestive biscuits that suit your diet, I know Sainsbury’s sells some, (their free from chocolate chip cookies are also free from both ingredients). But, Oreo’s they were something that I had been missing for a while and with it being a struggle to find a GF and DF replacement for bourbon biscuits I had little hope for Oreos. In one last attempt to get my Oreo fix, I hunted the internet for free from recipes begging that someone had created this dream at home. That is when I made one of the greatest discoveries of the world.

Kinnikinnick, Kinnitoos Cookies. They came in a variety of flavours, Vanilla Sandwich Crème, Fudge Sandwich Crème, and best of all Chocolate Sandwich Crème. These were exactly what I was looking for. I did a little more investigating, having a looking a reviews and ingredients.

After reading good reviews and approving of the non-deadly reviews I decided to see where they were sold. While they seemed widely

Kinnitoos, the gluten and dairy free Oreo. (Image source:

available in the United States, tracking them down in Britain was being to look like a challenge. I found a couple of online shops that sold them but they were shops I had not come across before and their prices were not very friendly. In the end I resorted to purchasing them off Amazon, a store loved and trusted greatly. However, including postage and packaging, the cost still came to over £8.

I waited patiently for them to come. When they arrived the excitement was over-whelming. Could they really be that good? I carefully ate one (not after trying to pull it apart to eat the middle first, which FYI, did not work). After one, another got eaten. They were perfect. Kinnikinnick’s slogan is “Gluten free has never taste so good”, they are not wrong there.

While the biscuit tastes amazing, I don’t know how like it will be that I buy them again anytime soon, £8 is a lot of money for biscuits. If the company does bring the brand to the UK though, you can guarantee that they will end up on my shopping list.

Overall, if you are craving Oreo’s, don’t give Kinnikinnick’s Kinnitoos cookies a miss! Even at that price they are worth the satisfaction.

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