10 Reasons to learn Dutch

There are over 6,000 languages in the world today. But most people only know one or two different languages. We all expect every one to know our language, be it English, French, Chinese etc. I have found 10 reasons to learn Dutch.

If you have ever been to The Netherlands you would have notice that a majority of the people that you met there could speak English to a certain degree. This is something that makes The Netherlands a popular country with English speaking tourists. The Dutch understand that they’re not the only nationality in the world and that Dutch isn’t the most spoken language in the world either.

  1. It would be nice to be able to speak Dutch when in The Netherlands rather than sticking with English everywhere you go.
    A sign from outside a cafe in The Netherlands [My own photograph]
  2. If you happen to have to communicate with some one who’s first language is Dutch, it will make them more comfortable if you could speak their language, rather than them struggling to translate their thoughts into English.
  3. Dutch can be easy to understand when spoken to you, so it could be just as easy to reply in Dutch if you could speak it.
  4. It is spoken in parts of Belgium plus is used in the Flemish language (the language spoken in Belgium) and so it will be transferable if you happen to pop over to Belgium at some point.
  5. It is  quite similar to other languages including: German so you could use it in Germany if you needed to and Afrikaans handy if you travel to some parts of Africa.
  6. It is similar to languages spoken in a few places in America – Jersey Dutch; Mohawk Dutch; Berbice; Negerhollands – however Pennsylvania Dutch is closer to German.
  7. If you know someone else who’s able to speaks Dutch you can have secret conversations with them, provided that no one who can understand Dutch is around.
  8. It would look good on your C.V – see 2.
  9. If you end up having a mid-life crisis, you could become a English – Dutch /Dutch – English translator.
  10. You could live in The Netherlands trouble-free.

Are these valid enough reasons to learn the language?

If you have any other good reasons to learn another language please comment below

One thought on “10 Reasons to learn Dutch

  1. If you are still into Dutch you could help me reviving the Dutch creole languages. I speak Berbice Dutch and Negerhollands. For the letter I’m translaging a textbook from Dutch to German. It states that whoever understands Dutch can understand Negerhollands and vice versa. I would like to write an English translation too but not before next year.

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