Motivated Loss

Losing weight can sometimes feel impossible, especially if you feel like you’ve tried every diet under the sun but none of them work. But here is one woman who seems to have found the secret.

Aletta before the diet in 2009
Before the diet (2009)

One in four adults in the UK has a Body Mass Index on 30 or higher, putting them in the obese category. Having a 9-to-5 job as well as a family can make finding time to exercise and eat properly difficult. However, Aletta Bruins, a 46-year-old from Pembrokeshire has discovered the trick behind losing weight. She has gone from a size 16-18 to a size 10-12 and is still going.

With a Body Mass Index of 29.6, Aletta was bordering the obese mark in June. She wasn’t happy about how she looked in any outfit. She’d decided to make the dress she would wear to her son’s wedding but during the time she was sewing it together, when she tried it on it was extremely tight. She’d managed to gain weight in a couple of weeks! That was the final straw.

After at least a year of thinking about losing weight, it was in June, when her son’s wedding was looming, that she finally decided to get her act together and get slimmer.

The diet

“I took on the Rosemary Conley diet and increased me exercise”. A year ago, she was doing the minimal exercise of just walking her dogs daily, now she cycles to her work. Under a governmental scheme set up to encourage cycling she was able to get an electric bike on a monthly payment scheme and at a discounted price.

The Rosemary Conley diet is all about health eating, low calorie, low fat and calorie counting. Doing this diet alongside cycling 5-miles on weekdays, longer dog walks and even workout on a cross-trainer a couple of hours a week, it was not long until she start seeing some difference.                     

By the time the wedding came around, at the end of July, she was able to fit into the dress she had made. She could’ve stopped there, but having already lost a bit of weight she was starting to feel better about herself, she decided to continue the diet and exercise.

Aletta at her son's wedding
Aletta at her son’s wedding (July 2012)

She found by August that her stomach had shrunk; she no longer needed to stop herself from over-eating.


Staying motivated can be a challenge; Aletta found that, “The best motivation is when you motivate yourself. If you know you need to lose weight that helps”.

Once you start to lose weight and you notice, that can be just what you need to keep yourself motivated.

Diet Buddy

About a month into the dieting and exercising, Aletta’s husband started seeing a difference, not just in a size but in her attitude too, he decided to join her in dieting.

Having a diet buddy is also a great way to ensure you stay motivated. “You can check in on each-other and encourage one another to keep on track.”

After being on the diet for a few months, Aletta decided to ease it up for a little while. She has found that her body now tells her when she has had enough, “if I eat too much I feel sick”.

“Over the next week I’ll be becoming strict on it again, I would like to lose at least another five kilograms.”

Aletta started her diet with the aim to fit into the dress she was making for her son’s wedding and now she has continued to improve her attitude towards her body.              

Aletta in November 2012 after losing weight
Aletta after losing 13kg, not finished yet though (Nov 2012)

Her BMI is now at 24.4 that is within the normal weight bracket. Her husband has lost 10kg and they are both still going strong.

Health Benefits

By losing weight both Aletta and her husband have reduced their risk of heart disease, diabetes, stokes and some cancers. Her husband’s blood pressure has also lower. They both now have more energy to do more with their days and instead of snacking on sweeten or salted snacks, they pick a bit of fruit and munch on that instead.

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